Gaius Owen
Global Project Sales Director/Owner

Jim Andrews
Project Sales Consultant/Owner

John Andrews
Chief Executive Officer/Owner

Luke Evershed
Global Supplies Sales Director

“In contrast to my 17-year tenure in the insurance industry, NHG genuinely care for their customers, appreciate their employees and demonstrate these ethics in both word and deed.“

Debbie Pallister | Customer Care Coordinator

“Working for NHG is great. The customer’s needs are highly important; each job is given the individual care and attention it deserves. NHG cares about care.”

Jerry Payne | Project Procurement Manager

“Since joining NHG in 1998, it has been a pleasure to be included on an exciting success journey. It is great to be part of a caring, cutting-edge team who share the same vision, values and culture!”

Russell Wickland | Sales Consultant

“The employers want to help me get ahead in my career and personal goals.  We as employees like to convey the same interest in clients to assist them in fulfilling their visions and goals.”

Victoria Lloyd | Project Sales Assistant

Paul Andrews
Retail Sales Director/Owner

John McCroft
Legal Coordinator/Owner

Ken Morren
HR and Legal Director

Kevin Andrews
Global Finance Director/Owner

Lloyd King
Global IT & T Director

Darren Andrews
Distribution Director/Owner

Richard King
Global R & D Director

Roy Edwards
Global Marketing Director

Russell Andrews
Global Supply Chain Director/Owner

Russell Wickland
Supplies Consultant

Scott Andrews
Global Director/Owner

Murray Simpson
Managing Director – Canada

Cas Godden
Customer Care Coordinator

Clayton Andrews
Project Coordinator

Georgina Bastable
Supplies Executive Assistant Team Leader

Dana O’Donnell
Interior Design Team Leader

Debbie Pallister
Customer Care Team Leader

Everard Payne
Supplies Consultant

Kath Barnes
Interior Designer

Debbie Squires
Accounts Team Leader

Joanne Leyton
Purchase Ledger Accounts Coordinator

Neil Bowie
Supplies Consultant

Sandra Owen
Interior Designer

Charmaine Smith
Sales Ledger Accounts Coordinator

Val Gurr
Customer Care Coordinator

Ross Evershed
Supplies Consultant

Caroline Oake
Purchasing Coordinator

Adrian Godwin
Supplies Consultant

James Smith
Project Consultant

Rebecca Williams
Project Assistant

Mark Mcintyre

Victoria Lloyd
Project Assistant

Lorraine Owen
Project Executive Assistant

Tim Boyman
Logistics Team Leader

Donna Ratcliffe
Credit Controller

Steve Smith
Project Consultant


NHG’s ability to think outside the box differentiates them from any ordinary healthcare equipment and supply company. They are creative and enthusiastic and focus on getting things done!