Increasing your Revenue stream

The goal of adding value through enhancing your service users’ care experience often involves capital cost, for which funds may not be currently available.

Now NHG are able to help you realise your vision and ensure a return on investment from Day 1.

Improvements may involve replacing equipment, or furniture, extending and renovating property, to increase occupancy or to qualify for higher fees, thereby increasing your revenue stream.  

NHG are pleased to introduce finance packages from LDF – the Finance Partner. 

Commercial Banks can be difficult institutions to secure loans from, so you will be refreshingly surprised at how easy it is to obtain unsecured funding via LDF.

Instant illustrations can be provided and funds may be confirmed within 24 – 48 hours. The process is simple and can be tailored to suit the circumstances of your operation. Finance rates are exceptionally affordable at present and the ability to move forward quickly means that all our energy and focus can be on delivering your solutions.


Finance can be provided over terms of 1 to 5 years, on purchases above £1000.

The following is a typical illustration of just how affordable an upgrade package can be:

Example cost of improvement package: £120,000.00

Potential additional revenue: £30/week per patient x 35 patients = £4550.00 /month.

5 year term: £2430.84* x 60 months = More than £2100 /month extra profit.


Equipment or furniture can also be financed this way:

Example cost of equipment: £1500.00

3 year term: £49.33* x 36 months


*APR varies depending on loan term and overall value. Plus document fee and 1 month payment in advance.

For Illustration purposes only.

(Please Note: NHG are not authorised to provide personal financial advice to individuals or partnerships.)